Sep 24, 2017

kai althoff

browsing a beautiful Kai Althoff book with Mickey.

Sep 23, 2017


minnie and me enjoying the sun. πŸ’›

Sep 16, 2017

recent letters


Sep 14, 2017

Sep 12, 2017

some iphone photos.

Sep 11, 2017


πŸ’œ this little book. thank you R and R!

Sep 9, 2017


3 cards from anaΓ―ck. (she has one of my very favourite instagram accounts!) they came in a beautfiful set from 6.
and minnie on my desk.


Sep 3, 2017

sailor tattoos

from camping etna.

Sep 2, 2017

maud lewis

last night i watched 'maudie' and learned about maud lewis.  she made beautiful paintings, but i love her home the most. many images on google! 😍

Sep 1, 2017


from the kids from camping etna.

Aug 29, 2017


3x minnie in 1 photo 😻

Aug 28, 2017

more from camping etna

some of the sea-creatures they made in salt dough. they also made boats and created a water museum. all the kids brought a bottle of water from different sources, and they collected more during the camp.

Aug 26, 2017


the story my friend Koen Sels wrote about our house-visit at the amazing Guy Rombouts' place is published on the Apartamento app today, along with my photos.

Aug 25, 2017

camping etna, day 4

today was the last day.
i have a few more photos i will show in the next days.  it was lovely! ✨